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New series

2010-09-04 00:04:49 by Matt-Bob-343Spark

New series comin up. Some title art

New series


I have changed the images on my site for a more creepy feel. Now for some interesting Halloween facty things!!

We spend around 4.5 billion on Halloween stuff. (damn America needs to get its priorities straight!)
Yea thats all im motivated to find...

Huge ass pumpkin!!!

In the spirit of halloween

New movie

2007-07-27 21:30:52 by Matt-Bob-343Spark

Well my Samuria ep:1 is only a 1-3 months away(ok mabey thats not so soon). But still, its coming.
Production was delayed because of storyline changes and graphics changes. All for the better though.



2007-07-17 18:42:19 by Matt-Bob-343Spark

OK thi is interesting