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Been waiting scince Day one

When I first saw the preview several years ago, I was amazed at the quality of the work. I remember thinking that it basically topped all animation I had previously seen on NG. It has not been topped, until now.
This by far deserves the top spot in the flash portal. Find one movie with a better story, music, and animation and il be damned.

Those were probably the best nuclear explosions possible in flash, due to its limitation with particle effects and such(without extensive action scripting). he realism of the explosions is also very good(I did a report on the history of the nuke and this fits all descriptions perfectly).

As always, Can't wait for the next episode, Matt


Thats all there is in this flash...Perfection


All those people who say this just dosnt fit in with newgrounds don't know anything. I think its a good break from all the gore and violence(although im not complaining about it). Very touching, Just sent it to several people. Keep it up!

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Loved the first one but this.....

Toped it of terrificly. Amazing graphics, game play and and all that other stuff. I downloaded it and after playing for a bit i got a strange glitch. I got the implosion power up and it ended just as the wave ended and the timer went up to 500 seconds. Helpful but weird.

Hmm.... Good graphics not laggy at all for me! so cant complain there.
Good idea and good game play... every thing ran smoothly and worked together. Overall the art fit in the feel of the game nicely! Good clean sound and sound FX. Also the visual effects were great. The mix of fbf and filters was good.

One thing i would like to see(or mabey i missed it) was an in game pause button.
Other than that one thing simply perfect sequel!!
I wana see a number 3!!



Loved the first one. It had some glitches though. This touched on those and made the overall game play better. Still trying to beat the boss. Great game though!!!

Good try

Good start. I couldn't help but notice that in all aspects the enemies are stronger than you. It takes like 4 hits to kill them, yet there shots take only one. Just fix that and it would be good.

OhCrapz responds:

Since at the moment there is only 2 levels, im trying to make it hard so it isnt too easy.

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